Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chives, Sweets, and Trampolines

I wish I knew more things to do with chives. I can put them in soup, put them in dips for chips, in cheeseballs, on baked potatoes, in omelets, and on a cream-cheese bagel. But I am at a loss for more chive-y ideas. And I wish I had more of them. Ideas that is, not chives. Some people actually buy chive seeds and grow them on purpose?!? Chives grow wild here, wherever there is grass. In fact, some people have more chives than grass. If you pass a yard this time of year and the (still-dormant) grass looks very lush and green, those people actually have a Chive Lawn. You can ride past a Weekend Warrior cutting his lawn and smell the chives, if you have your car windows down (or are fortunate enough to be on a motorcycle, LoL). Here are 2 pictures I took today... one is from my lawn (with the pinecones), and one is from under the trampoline next door.

If you are a big fan of chives, let me know. I will mail you some wrapped in paper toweling. If you want them dried, I will dry them first. Just let me cut them before they mow the lawn...

And speaking of trampolines, I went out for my walk today and came home to all the kids next door bouncing on the trampoline. Diantha (my 13 yo) was sitting in the middle with Betsy. Bouncing wildly around them are (from left to right): Amy, the almost-girl-next-door (stays weekends there with her grandma) and NOT MINE. Veronica, my 10yod, and Josiah, my tall 8 yos with no shoes on.

A New That Makes Most Moms Nervous
My 17yos has decided to learn to ride the motorcycle. Because my little old Suzuki has a nubby tire on the back, it can be ridden in the yard. A while back we got a riding mower. I told him, it is not a race car. You have to be cautious with it. You ride it in first gear, around the yard gently. The first pass, I saw him go past the front door and porch very slowly... and back past, farther down the yard, very slowly. Past slowly... back past slowly. Past slowly... back past slowly. Then BLUR!! This streak went past on the mower. Well we just repeated this routine with the motorcycle. To his credit, he is letting out the clutch properly and not doing wheelies and not dropping the bike. And if he stalls it, he kicks it back to life. DON'T WORRY, he isn't riding without a helmet... he just posed on the bike for the picture.

And yes, that really is his hair (he didn't spike his mohawk today). LoL.

No quilt blocks today. One was for yesterday and today, easy-peasy ones we will do tomorrow (maybe). I sat in the sun a while and finished knitting a top-secret project for one of my etsy shops. Maybe tomorrow I will block it and make the lining. Des sent me some more pics from B's birthday party. Tomorrow is her actual birthday; I will post them then. Wow, I had better go to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day already!

Ok, here is a giveaway from SweetLollipopShop through tonight, for a Mystery Box of hard lollipops values at $10.

And, another one from PolpetteClay for a Peapod Magnet.

And, one last, a set of Management Posters from JohnWGolden. Hurry! Go enter!


Desiree said...

Bah! I HATE it when you do this, I always fall for it.

SleightGirl said...

We used to have wild chives growing in our yard back home in Hawaii...They're also great in fried rice, that's where I use them most.

Kay said...

If they're onion chives as apposed to garlic chives (I favor the onion chives, lol), they are great to use when roasting a brisket, bbqing steaks or chicken breasts, pizzas, and spaghetti sauce!
I do a home made pizza on the bbq grill and put chives on with the sauce then all the veggies (I'm a veggie person, but the meat eaters in the family use them too). It really tastes good, so you might try them that way.