Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Just a Little Done

Today I got the binding cut and done around 9 potholders. They were Diantha's, and she cut 5" charms for the swap for me while I did her bindings. My machine was messing up so I took a break in the middle of it so my head wouldn't pop off. I would post a pic, but they are for the Weird and Ugly Fabric Challenge so... you just have to wait!

I also got a handbag made for my HeartFeltFun Boutique at Etsy. I called it "O My Handbag"... it is pale pea-green felted wool/angora from a recycled sweater, it has a cotton webbing and leather recycled belt in green, cream, and tan for a strap, and it is lined in deep pea-green with white polka dots. It has 2 inner pockets and zips shut at the top. A nice roomy 12" wide by 9" high by 3" deep too!

Diantha spun up one of her lavender wool/cashmere, orange corriedale, teal merino batts today. I don't know how much yarn she got but it is every bit as fun as what she spun yesterday. See?

I got a Treasury West tonight, called Much Ado About... Nothing? or is it Zero? Or is it an O? Here on the left is a screen shot. Be sure to stop by and click around!

And, ADustyFrame from SHEteam generously included my Daffodils recycled yarn in her main Treasury, Daffodown Dilly. Be sure to visit hers and click around too. The She team members all homeschool their kids, so being able to maintain an Etsy shop on top of it is a real feat!

I was JUST reminded that we not only have 4-H in the morning, one of the kids was supposed to submit a tabletop exhibit on processing fiber. I have all the caption labels and fibers, but used the exhibit board last week on gardening. Even if I ran up and got one, it would take til 2 AM to put it together. Then be up at 7 to make the meeting in the next town over, by 8:30. I just can't. So GREAT, I just got the 2nd Bad Mom award in a week. Must be a record.

But, on a happy note, it means picking up donuts for breakfast.

Heck, for donuts, I would just about stay up glueing fiber to cardboard.


Desiree said...

Donuts are worth just about anything. Especially Dunkin Donuts.

A Dusty Frame said...

Great post:) Thanks for sharing my Treasury:)!

my7kids said...

Eww Dunkin Donuts!! I Like the glaze ones from our Ingles. Lol Mom!!

Kay said...

Heck, Donuts for breakfast would make me almost ready to run errands for ya, lol.

Love the bag! I have a summer dress that has those two same colors!! Too strange!!

I still haven't figured out the etsy thing?? Just put me down as a nut.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I had one of those project mishaps too. Thankfully my son is creative and made a building out of leggos so he had something to show Edison General Electric, and then got real brave and put a index card on the other side Showing Thomas A Edison Corp. For extra credit.