Friday, March 13, 2009

Total Treasury Transfusion

First of all, pray for me people, because I have lost something I was supposed to mail TOMORROW. Sheesh. Wonder I can find my feet sometimes.

Tonight I nabbed an Etsy T in my dh's shop id, called Uniquely Wicked. Here is a screen shot...

And, Des got one, in honor of Diantha, who will be 14 next Wednesday; Flower Child.

Then as if that isn't enough, articles from my my7kids yarn shop got featured in TWO Treasuries...

Who Wants To Be In My Treasury? and Purifying Heart. Both of these have a 100% charity donation item from my shop.

And, Ohmay featured my Rainbow Throwdown gauntlet in a Treasury that she made: Pestos and Tomato.

So, I guess it has been a busy evening. LoL!

Today the kids and I went to the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge. A very interesting, hands-on place, and they always love to go there. And that is all I have to report, no quilt pics or great accomplishments.

Just for fun I did my dh Richard's name in the Unfortunately and Apparently searches (see previous post), and here are his Unfortunate results:
  • Unfortunately, Richard is at an awkward angle in the artwork, preventing me from having a better view of it.
  • Unfortunately Richard can't get it to run!
  • Unfortunately, Richard began to have second thoughts and decided to destroy his father’s empire from within.
  • Unfortunately Richard isn't easily put off... (boy, ain't that the truth?!)
  • Unfortunately, Richard has already departed for Ireland--and taken his army with him--so there is no one to stop him.

    And here are some more than Apparent results:
  • Apparently Richard provided much of the cash required by the Priest to build Cockhill Chapel
  • You wouldn't know it from the way that man greases up his body with Crisco, but apparently, Richard...
  • This is apparently Richard's idea of being "nice." I can just imagine what family life must be for Richard if he's married!
  • and ONE last... "It would seem as apocryphal as time travel, and yet apparently Richard Bangs does it on a regular basis - indeed has pioneered it..."

    GOOOOODnight everybody!
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