Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Treasures and Treasuries

I went motorcycle riding all over Knoxville today, in pursuit of sunflower and olive oils for Richard to make soap from. My 13 yod Diantha rode with me. Riding with her on the back is like riding with a feather. She probably weighs almost 100# but you would almost never know she is there. We visited Des and helped her with some quilting and laundry and holding Hannah, who is the same temperament as Diantha. She is kind of fussy and clingy but I told Des not to worry, Diantha outgrew that about 2 months ago. LOL!! Those girls are treasures to me, however fussy. With a little luck, that doesn't last forever.

I got a T West with some bling, just for fun! I let Diantha pick it out...
ring a ding bling

And my HUSBAND actually got a T West, too!
Manly Pursuits

And THANK YOU to mompotter of the SHE team (of which I am now a member) for including a yarn from my my7kids shop in her T west also!
SHEteam is beautiful

Visit these treasuries and click on the items... leave a comment and we'll see if any of the collections can make the Etsy front page!


Desiree said...

Hannah loves Diantha!
And Diantha is so much help with the kids. I could keep her.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I love that you have the soaps on ETSY now.
Very nice.