Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just a Little Artsy Fartsy Stuff

Today we baked muffins. Took muffins to my spoiled dh at work. Walked. Came home and baked a red velvet cake for my sister's birthday, baked a HUGE Chicken Pot Pie, ate dinner, took cake to my sister.

Sometime during the day Josiah helped me dye some olive colored Merino wool into a deep forest green, and I dyed some mulberry silk into a rusty mauve color. Then I carded those with some indeterminate wool in shades of purple with hot pink nepps. I did up 2, 1.5 oz. batts. The colors aren't the most usual together, but I think they will spin into an interesting yarn. This is one of the things I am sending to Japan in a goodie box.

I finished listing the handspun yarns from Japan in my My7kids Etsy shop, at least the ones I am listing in yarn form. I am keeping a couple myself and putting the donation money in for those. And a couple of them I am going to knit into an item to sell in the HeartFeltFun Boutique at Etsy and give the donation from them that way. Go take a look at these wonderful, fun, funky art yarns!

I also got an Etsy treasury today in wonderful Coffee colors... visit and click on stuff!

Oh one MORE little thing. Easter is coming soon! Here is a page with the baddest Easter eggs ever!

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Desiree said...

I like the batts! Spinning is sooo oooo ooooooooooooo addictive. sigh. If only we were on Centaurian time like the Men in Black, we'd have 36 hour days. I could get a LOT done in 36 hour days!