Thursday, March 5, 2009

When the Students Surpass the Teacher

A friend of mine says you can always tell when a teacher has done a good job, when the student begins to surpass the teacher. That has happened to me already with my oldest daughter, with her writing, quilting, knitting, spinning. Now it is happening to me all over again with Diantha.

Diantha is only 13, but already she is a great quilter, with a terrific eye for color and what seems to be few restrictions on how she combines. It is amazing to see really. She made these two quilt blocks for our block-a-day calendar, and for her Initial challenge on my N2Quilting Group at Yahoo. I love her freedom in the fabrics she chooses and her nonchalance for how she puts them together. We are playing catchup (after the all-day bullet fiasco on Monday) but here are hers for yesterday and today.

She has been doing some spinning also. I bought some roving balls from Claydancer on Etsy who said she has become allergic to wool. One of the rovings was called Mardi Gras - deep red but has small streaks of a golden color, green, and purple in it. I was wanting to spin it up, and then knit it into a semi-permanent felted Easter basket for Betsy. So Diantha says, mom, you have stuff to do... let me spin some of that roving for you. Here is the end result. The roving ball was 4 oz. of Merino, and Diantha ended up with 108 yards of this luscious, even, heavy-worsted yarn. Wonderful!

I walked and ran some errands today, taught the kids, held B (a lot!), made some copies and a Post office run, and another run out to drop Diantha at church for youth group, and for eggs at the store. And, I actually got a quilt block done, for a change, though it is Monday's block, so I am still a couple days behind. Oh well! This one is going to go in my Connie Rosolli mini quilt in the Bumbling Bounty Hunters Mini Quilt Challenge 2009. And it also qualifies for the Black and White Quilt Challenge Project.


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

You know as a daughter I was simply touched by this post. I would love my mother to say something like that. As a mother of an almost 10 year old daughter I can't wait for the day that she truly takes interest in something that I can teach her. I will say my son who is now 13 nearly is as good of a baker as I am, and boy does that bring JOY to my heart.

Desiree said...

Diantha's stuff is GREAT! She spindles better than I do! Boo, hiss. LOL

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

I LOVE Diantha's squares! She can make a quilt for me, with just that kind of palette, just as soon as I get rich! Please tell her, "You GO girl!!" I don't blame you for feeling the way you do about the student/teacher thing. It's a letting go and getting heaped blessings at the same time. Kudos, Mom. Hugs, Lee