Friday, February 27, 2009

Where Was I?

Night before last, by the time I got pics loaded in and new listings up in my Etsy shops, and my blog written, and Betsy put to sleep not once but twice, it was after 2 AM. Betsy woke again at 3 AM. I put her to sleep and since I was up, checked on some stuff I had a eye on, online. Got back to bed at 4, had an alarm set at 5 to check again, my dh turned it off and woke me, but too late. Back to bed for a few minutes, as I had to be up with him at 6 to put his contacts in for work. Back to bed another few minutes, to be up at 7 for the kids' 4-H meeting.

We took the stuff along to do their demonstrations, and found out that not only is it NEXT month, it's only hands-on for Veronica. The older kids have to do story-board exhibition-style presentations. Bah.

On to my brother in law's house, to have Artemas and Russ work on my brakes. I was supposed to take him my palm-grip sander. Halfway to his house (and 12 miles from my house) I remembered the sander. Had to turn around and come get it. Basically my whole day was like that. And if I had had an IV of Mtn. Dew, I don't think it would have helped. We got back home at 4 oclock and I took a 3 hour nap.

While making dinner, Taco Salad, Beverly decided to come down with the same puking flu that Veronica had 3 days earlier. The difference being that B is not even 2 and doesn't have an extra ounce of weight on her body. But this is the first time she has ever been sick and vomiting so I guess that isn't too bad.

During the evening I started processing some of the handspun yarns a lady sent me from Japan. She said she is at an APO and they frown on people using them to ship for business. She had all these handspuns that she would love to sell and contribute to the Youth Center that I give a percentage of my sales to. So if she sent them to me, would I sell them and give the money on her behalf? I agreed to do so for 100% profit donation. Here is the box as I received it. Fabulous. LoL.

And THIS is what was inside. Well, all but the baby, the bed, the pillows, and the quilts. There were:
  • 20 skeins of handspun art yarn
  • 7 skeins of a 50/50 wool/nylon ribbon yarn
  • 2 large skeins of a bulky black chenille yarn
  • 2 little floral picks with ornaments on top
  • a hand knitted poncho with handspun, glitz, and stripes of eyelash yarn in bright turquoise, and
  • some scrolls of antique concept paintings of kimono fabrics.
    An incredible treasure trove really. There is a picture of me holding up and hiding behind the poncho, below.

  • The skeins were wound really small, making it difficult to twist them up to get standard pictures for my esty shop, so I started last night reskeining them. Then while I was at it, I took pics, soaked them all just to be sure the twist was set, and went to bed last night with multicolored damp sheep hanging here and there all over my house. Well I say "went to bed"...

    But Beverly is still being sick. What a good natured baby, of course she doesn't understand what is wrong with her, but she figured out to use the bowl if she had to be sick and would actually sit up in her sleep and reach for it. But, it was another sleepless night.

    Today I have gotten a few more skeins prepared for sale, but it is slow going since she wants to be held the whole time. The bigger kids help but of course none of
    them are mommy either. And Artemas found out the hard way, don't let a sick baby eat grapes. LOL.

    So! I haven't gotten any more quilt blocks done, but I do have a couple more pics to share. Do you remember the yarn I had a lady special order from me, that ended up taking like 3 days of my life to make? 100% silk in hand-dyed red over tan. Well she sent me a pic of this most excellent and luxurious scarf that she made from it. It is so gorgeous, it almost made all that trouble worth it. I hope she can enjoy wearing it for many long years to come.

    And, one more pic... long ages ago, last summer, I sold a skein of yarn that I had hand-dyed and called Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein. I was looking at feedbacks today and noticed that the lady who bought it, had posted an appreciation picture of the hat she knitted out of it. Here is it, a work of art in itself. Very nice indeed!

    Since I have hardly known where I am for 2 days, tonight, I am hoping for sleep...

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    Desiree said...

    Wow that scarf is great and the hat is wonderful! That is the prettiest pic of Betsy! Hope she feels better. Hope Allen gets it next, rotfl. jk. almost. yeah, jk.