Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost Nothing Quilty

Well today I got nothing quilty done. Oh, wait, I lied. I got ONE little police-badge-shaped piece of fabric sewn onto a block that I made before. Over the weekend there was a block to do and I didn't. Today was to sew a heart shape on the weekend block, so I sewed a shield on a block instead. Such a rebel, tsk, tsk.

Diantha made an Annie's Choice block. She thought the block today was stupid too. She is actually doing pretty well at these. Love the way she laid out the colors in this one.

Yesterday I went to a sale at Joann Fabrics, and one (two) of the things I got were one yard pieces of fabric off the rock-bottom table. Each of these were $2 a yard, because they were ugly. But I am going to make Betsy a couple little loose, cool sundresses out of them for warm weather. When Des was little, I made just about every stitch she wore until she was 7... mostly sundresses for the FL heat. I got one of the dresses done today, with bulldogs on it. I took pics as I did it, to put up a tutorial. Honestly these things are so easy, with a couple simple measurements you could make one to fit just about anybody. Here is a sneak peek!

So what did I get done today? I cleaned out our linen cupboard in the bathroom... turned our mattress and changed the bed... went to Walmart for marked-down Valentine's candy... did a set of stitch markers for my my7kids shop at etsy... and a new hand dyed yarn for the shop too... made dinner... made the boys work in their room... did school with the kids... showered me and Betsy... made a sundress... cleaned off most of the table. In other words, Nothin'.

Here is a pic of the mug I made for Richard, that I talked about on my blog yesterday. And, I added pics to yesterday's blog, of our qualifying targets from our CCW class on Saturday. Scroll down to see those!


Desiree said...

Betsy's dress is SO cute! And of course she will wear it with her blue bell leather slippers, LOL!

Desiree said...

And I really like Diantha's block! She is doing a good job!!

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

I cant wait till my daughter starts quilting. She said one thing at a time and this year she wanted to learn to garden so.. I am waiting patiently. I love the dress- too cute. Mekenzei wears a ton in the summer- so I might just have to make a couple.