Monday, February 2, 2009

On My Knees Again, and, A Little Pet Yarn

Ok yesterday we went to the new Chinese Buffet here in town. They had TONS of food, most of which wasn't all that Chinese. Now I am THE ONE. Who always gets the pepper butt, the bone in the stew, the bay leaf in the soup, the hair in the sandwich. Even the tooth in the sweet potatoes (that is a WHOLE other story). So when they brought the PILE of fortune cookies (there were 11 of us at table), I reached in and got one. The Burnt and Broken one. And, though still sealed, it didn't even have a fortune in it! What does that mean?

Even though their cookie didn't have a fortune, apparently their food had TONS of MSG in it, because I spent most of the rest of the day in an MSG coma. No really. When I eat MSG, I must... sleep... it... off.......

I slept 4 hours. Then I still felt like I had strychnine poisoning in my muscles, and my head was stuffed with cotton wadding. And the headache, which very closely resembled the kidney stone headache I had just had for 2 days. Along about 7 PM I took an antihistamine, a couple non-aspirin (about an hour after some real aspirin), and a shower hot enough to make my skin red. Then I felt almost human again.

I spent part of Friday, and part of Saturday re-plying a silk yarn that a person had special ordered from me. I had quoted a price for it, and spent WAY too much time having to ply that yarn. Then yesterday I dyed it and went to re-skein it, and got it tangled. Spent about another 2 hours untangling that yarn. I hope she LOVES it and buys it IMMEDIATELY. I threw the rest of that sweater in the trash.

Yesterday wasn't a block day on the calendar, but I made one anyway, because I only needed ONE to finish my Sally Sweet quilt. Somewhere above here is the block. Today wasn't a block day either, because it is the intro pic of the next quilt. So today I cut my sashings for Sally. In this terrible picture, the side-to-side sashings look like they are too short, but that is only becauce the blocks are not all sewn together yet. They will be fine, trust me. And this is the quilt in it's entirety. Now! On to something else!

I put up several yarns today. One is called 8th Grade Romance because the colors reminded me of being in 8th grade, writing the latest heartthrob's name over and over on a notebook in red, pink, and purple (fruit-scented) markers. LoL!

I also made a little pet yarn. I had these bits and balls of fiber from recycling a charcoal wool sweater, and wondered if they could be put to use after putting them through the drum carder. What I found out was, they got studk between the tines of the carder. So I thought I should put something else through the carder, to see if the wool bits would stick to it. I looked around and my eyes lit on that box of unprocessed Llama fur.

So I washed (several times) and dried the fur, picked it, carded it... which didn't get MOST of the wool bits out of the carder. I spun it up into this little funky yarn that reminds me of Ermine fur (white with little dark bits) or maybe Dalmation Puppies. It is incredibly soft! To feel that fur in the raw, I would never have thought it was this soft, but you could just about roll around naked in this stuff. Not mine, get your own. The skein is only 20 yards of about worsted weight, so it would only make cuffs around mittens or a hat, but it is so cute. Hope someone likes it enough to buy it.

Someone in my house (but of course NO one in my house, LoL) put a plastic can of thawed, concentrated White Grape Peach juice either on top of, or crooked in, the refrigerator. Who are these people? Did I actually teach anyone in my household to put juice away like that? Am I crazy?

So tonight after picking Richard up from work, I went to get something out of the fridge, and the can crashed to the floor. The top popped off, spewing the stickiest GUCK all over the floor, the inside of, and UNDER the fridge. I mopped and mopped and mopped on my hands and knees, with several changes of soapy water, all the while remarking what a bad housekeeper I am.

It occurred to me that in my lifetime I have spent WAY too much time on my knees, doing things that I didn't really want to do or cleaning messes I didn't want to clean or just doing, you know, whatever since I happened to be there. And I had the thought, that perhaps if I spent more time on my knees talking to The Guy who holds all these events in His hands, I might not have to spend as much time in the muck.

But then again, maybe not. This is my life, after all. And, my floor is still sticky.


Desiree said...

HAHAHA! I'm sorry your day wasn't any better than mine. I love the Sally Sweet quilt. Think I'll pass on the naked rolling of carded alpaca wool. Sounds a little too Midsummer Night's Dreamy to me. said...

I think when I die they may want to put a dishrag in my hand and a tolet scrubber in the other. Ok not really be that is how I feel. I have this feeling God is looking down on me and smileing at my sillyness as that is what he put me here for to do his work and I have not gotten it yet. I adore the quilt. I have to thank you and desiree for geting me hooked on quilting (I adore it) God Bless and wishing you a restfull day!

SleightGirl said...

It's probably better no get no fortune than a bad one, so I'd try to look at it as a good thing...And Fortune cookies were invented in San Fransisco, not China, so I don't think you have to worry about any ancient Chinese curses or anything like that.