Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Colorful Yarn, or 4, and Treasures!

Tonight I got my first ever Treasury West from Etsy. Go see the gorgeous items I picked!

Thinking about today, seems like it was uneventful. But really, we walked 3 miles (Artemas and I), mailed out Secret Pal packages, and got a lot of school done, being as it was just me and the boys and Betsy.

While they were doing school today, I did yarn. I put one new yarn up last night, but today I re-took the pic, re-skeined the yarn for another pic, and re-named it to go with the Lord of the Rings series my daughter thinks I need to do. I actually think those movies are stupid and make fun of the characters' names to the point where she almost wants to throw up on the floor like the guy in Mooby's in Clerks II. LoL. The yarns shown here are Arwen Undomiel on the left, and The Eye of Sauron (on the right). The Eye of Sauron is sock weight, Arwen is lace to light sock weight... both with some or a lot of wool in them. I don't have the Eye one listed in my7kids at Etsy but I will in the morning!

Here are 2 more yarns I got done! On the left is The Shire... very green and earthy in a bulky weight 55% wool blend. On the right is Aragorn. He is bold and strong, so he is done in Man colors of royal blue, silvery gray and charcoal. This one is a sock weight in 70% wool. I will be listing this one in the morning too!

I was a bad girl today and didn't get a block done. My choice really... I want to do the block they showed today, on another day when there is not a block to do. And yesterday I cut out 2 blocks that I need to do to finish my Morelli quilt top, but didn't get them pieced. But I read with Josiah during that time, so.

Beverly wore her new red dress over her clothes most of the day. It was really cold in the house. When she put it on, she got on the coffee table (an old trunk), stuck her arms out and said, "Tada!" Oh also Betsy decided to "do" her hair today. I gave Artemas a trim so I guess she had to do something too... she got into a tube of yellow hair super stick-um that I got Josiah when he had a mohawk, and put it all over the top of her hair. Pretty!

Guess I don't have much else to report. Des and Tony, their babies and the girls will be down in the morning sometime. We are going to go walking and then get some work done here, probably on the porch. Hoping for a slightly warmer day tomorrow!

I do want to make an Thank and Praise offering for the fact that Tony gets to go back on 2nd shift as of Monday. It has been hard on him, trying to balance wanting to be with Des and the kids with needing to sleep during the day. And it has been really hard on Des, to be alone with the babies all night, especially with Hannah still waking during the night... and then to be the only parent during the day and try to keep them quiet so Tony can sleep. She has been having bad headaches and I am sure that is part of it. We have been praying for a change so I am so thankful for the news!

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SleightGirl said...

Great treasury!
And Great yarns too!