Thursday, February 12, 2009

Technology Is Good For Us and Sock Work

Excuse me, I know that in many ways computers make our lives easier. But they also can be a royal pain in the derriere. Last night I put my camera disk in the computer, to show the world our wonderful accomplishments of the day, and it wouldn't read the card. And, it told me the driver was working just fine. And, it wouldn't let me do a restore. This morning, I put the disk in again, and it read it just fine. And downloaded EVERYTHING on the disk, clear back to January '07. So now I don't have to just clean my house, I have to houseclean in the computer too. BLEK!

Do you hate to do socks when you do laundry? Do you lose socks, mismatch socks, and avoid doing the socks like the plague? People at my house do! And here is probably why! There are 8 people in my household... most days SOMEone goes through more than one pair of socks. So just to be on the safe side, we will round up to 9. Two socks to a pair makes 18 dirty socks a day. Seven days in a week makes 126 socks to match up. This basket is ONE week's worth. No undies or washcloths here, no sirree. JUST SOCKS. And this doesn't include the black short socks my older 2 sons wear most of the time. And you thought you had it bad.

Diantha and I both did a block again. I like hers better. LoL. Hers has good contrast, and is cheery. Mine is dark and moody. She says, she knows good taste in fabrics. Cheeky kid. She oughta remember where all that lovely fabric comes from. LoL.


I finished spinning that Hairy Italian Transvestite yarn. Here it is, after setting the twist. I know what this yarn must become, and can hardly wait to get started. My daughter Des and dh Richie have been elaborating and expounding on how I will list the item I want to make of it, in my HeartFeltFun shop at Etsy. I can't stand it, but I am compelled. I should hit this particular creative Muse in the head with a mallet. LOL.

Gotta Run. I am making a Bacon Mushroom Onion Quiche for supper. If you can get here by 7:00 PM, you can have some. Hurry!

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Desiree said...

BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Laughs in a conspirital tone as to what will be done with the transvestite yarn!