Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pain is Just Weakness Leaving The Body

Yesterday we ran around. During the runaround, we managed to find an obscure little town with an even more obscure firearms place, that was packed with people. It also looked like someone's garage with glass cases with guns, shotguns sitting out where you could handle them, stacks of boxes and cases of bullets piled everywhere, and holsters and scopes on the two merchandise racks in the place. Everything was piled with dust too. Hmmm. Guess with the breathing problems I have, I didn't stay long in there!

I also managed to get my application in at the DMV for my carry permit. And, we found a treasure trove of a thrift store with about 2,000 sweaters... all half price. I showed remarkable restraint, and only bought 11 of the very choicest fibers in pale enough colors that I can dye them. Aren't you proud of me?

Yesterday I listed a 2nd skein of the Mordor yarn that sold in only hours, and the baby hat that I listed in my HeartFeltFun shop that also sold in mere hours. Here it is pictured with a quarter. I made this hat to fit a preemie of 25-32 weeks gestation (or to dress a stillborn preemie).

Today we stayed at home more, but not entirely. This morning Veronica came to my bed, saying she wasn't feeling all that great. Then she sat up and puked on my bed, my sheets, my quilt, and my carpet. Good morning to me! Originally washing several loads of sheets, blankets, and quilts wasn't on my agenda for the day, but that is what having kids will do for you! Makes you master of Plan B.

After cleaning that up, we went walking. Came home, packed up orders and did school. Took the orders to the PO this afternoon, got my fingerprints taken for the gun permit, took dinner to Richard, and went to IHOP for the free short-stack pancake special.

I got one new yarn listed in my my7kids shop at Etsy, this one is Samwise Gangee, the gardener and dear friend of Frodo Baggins. Don't even get me STARTED on the names. ROFLOL!

I also made a new rucksack or drawstring handbag or knitting bag, from a ramie/wool/acrylic/nylon blend sweater that I hand dyed. It is lined with dark magenta print cotton and has a couple pockets. Ramie doesn't felt and the wool content isn't enough to have done so, but ramie is a short-staple fiber like cotton, and sometimes the yarn can't be unraveled because it breaks too easily. That was the case with this sweater, and no sense wasting it! LOL!

It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I had that really bad attack on my kidneys, and while I have not been in constant pain, I haven't passed anything either. But tonight I have been in incredible pain again, like something large is finally trying to get out. So this is it for now, signing off to a few aspirin and hopefully some sleep.

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