Thursday, February 19, 2009

HOW Many Kids Do I Have?

Last night my 17yos spent the night at my sister's house so that today he could go help my BIL load and stack firewood. One advantage of homeschooling... sometimes you can do something else. Artemas actually gets a good chance to study some economics firsthand when he stays there, as my BIL is a Forex trader. But anyway Artemas wasn't here today.

Des came down with the babies and we pinned out her Artificial Prairie 9-patch quilt that she started making when she was 12. She did some free-motion quilting on one of my old machines. I got my Sally Sweet quilt pinned out too.

I also got a new yarn done for my my7kids yarn shop. The original was a wool/angora/nylon blend in pale blue and periwinkle... I overdyed parts of it with a nice earthy green. It is sock weight... pretty!

Diantha and I both got blocks done yesterday. It was a no-block day again, just a quilt pic. So she did a Dutchman's Puzzle (left) and I did a Bachelor's Puzzle, for the Joe Morelli quilt. He is a Bachelor and a Puzzle, alright! And it seems the theme for the day was puzzle blocks, though we didn't plan it that way.

Today while Des was here, Diantha got a block done again. She did an Ocean Waves block (left again) (no really it's still here). I didn't get mine done until later this evening. I did the block shown on the calendar. I don't know what they called it but I am calling it Crosshairs. I am sorry the pic stinks! For some reason a couple of the pics I took tonight, I had to color-correct the HECK out of them!

I was making a pot of bean soup for dinner. What was leftover from tonight I was going to use Sat. night to do a pot of chili. When I went to put Beverly to sleep for her late-afternoon nap, I scorched the soup. Yes, folks, the wonderful cook Scorched. The. Soup. Great. Fortunately it happened before I added carrots, celery, onion, and smoked sausage... so I didn't waste ALL the food, just basically beans, water, and garlic. WHEW!

When Des left, she invited both the big girls to go home with her, until she and Tony come back Saturday to help Richard and I do some work. Des has had one terrible headache for a couple days. Since Tony has to go to work at night and sleep tomorrow, she thought having the girls there would be a help to her with the babies.

So with Allen at work and Artemas still gone (where WAS that kid anyway?) and Richard working until 11 and the girls gone, I had two children. TWO CHILDREN. What the heck? It's been almost 21 years since I had TWO children. So with only a couple little kids, no hubby and a burned dinner, I did what any red-blooded Yuppie would have done: packed the kiddies into carseats and went to Burger King. LoL.

Tonight Josiah wants to sleep on the couch, because he is lonely.

I am lonely too.

In three minutes, Beverly and Richard will totally cure me of that.

3 comments: said...

love your blocks!!! that yarn is yummy. I have some sock yarn that is ulgy think I may try to dye it differet!!! Huggs Marion

Desiree said...

Hey wait a minute, it was MY idea to dye the yarn and what color! LOL!

my7kids said...

ok, I give you FULL credit. LoL