Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whatever, Whatever, I Do What I Want

Sally Sweet QuiltThat's not really my attitude. I hear you laughing. No really, I do have some restraint. But the block today on my calendar was a Swamp Angel, which I have done already. No sense being redundant. So today I set together my Sally Sweet quilt top. Here it is! Tada!

I hit a couple thrift stores today and got some yummy sweaters to recycle. A silk, an Ecuadoran wool, some angora, and others. And, my daughter and I walked Walmart. I was doing that last year but gave it up over the holidays... too crowded. If one walks every aisle of our Walmart, it is about 3 miles, and takes us almost an hour. Physical fitness, here I come.

Richard's Choice is ChocolateI had a kid throwing up for about half the day today. He managed to take a bowl to bed with him, in my room, since it is the closest bed in the house to a bathroom. The bowl was in case he didn't make it. He used the bowl. Then promptly spilled it on Richard's Chocolate quilt that I made him for his 60th birthday. So today I got to wash a quilt too! Oh and fold 3 other loads of laundry.

I made a Bacon Mushroom Quiche for supper, with some sauteed onions and chopped fresh tomatoes in it. And then my kids sat down to eat and put KETCHUP on it. Even the kid who was throwing up just 8 hours earlier. Whaaaaa? Man, why do I bother to cook? Why not just buy ketchup and bread and let them make loathesome ketchup sandwiches?

Other than this, I got nothing done today except make my husband happy. Hey, I made chocolate chip cookies for him to come home to. What were YOU thinking?


Desiree said...

ROTFLOL! I am laughing so much!
On the inside though, so I don't wake the kids.

Of COURSE he spilled barf (what the..?) on the quilt.

Of COURSE they ate ketchup on the quiche. Bread and ketchup sandwiches....yuck. Now, french fries and ketchup...

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

oh my, that reminds me of a duvet cover I made years ago- my hubby had been out late came back a little too out there and went to bed. I was in my no sleeping at night stage and when i went into our room that morning he had thrown up in my brand new handmade expensive duvet cover- for a king size bed! Oh how I was mad, but this made me laugh at it now. And do I understand KETCHUP! I get so mad when I make a slow cooked beautiful roast with all the fixings and they put ketchup all over it! and I love how you end with the make your hubby happy-LOL!!!!!!! too funny. Your sally sweet quilt is great

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Oh my goodness! I guess this takes us all the way full-circle to our Bible. Things are just things. Nutrition is just nutrition. It's all busy stuff. There is always something very plain that will fit the bill just as well as the fancy. Talk about humility! Big lessons!!! I hope the little one is feeling better and that hubby's tummy is doing a Snoopy Dance!! said...

ROTFLMAO choc chip cookies yummy! Sometimes its the simple things in life we can just enjoy! I already like him and his hair! LOL The quilt is beautiful. Hope everyone is feeling ok? Barbie was sick and back to school today!!! She even made her bed before bed last night, took her shower (she always does that) but put her hair in a pony tail for the first time by herself!!! Now I can't wait to see the yarn that comes from those sweaters!!! Huggs Marion