Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Stuff I Got!

I got a package Saturday from my VERY secret Secret Pal! She is SO secret, she even mailed my package to my daughter's house so I wouldn't see where it came from! Anyway I didn't get a chance to get a pic of the contents til today, so here it is!

I got a quilting magazine (that I had not read yet), a book on Bargello quilts, which I love, a Dark Hershey Bar (yes this is just the wrapper but I really have not eaten all the candy yet... just stashed it to fool my kids), a 4.5" square ruler that I really needed, and 3 beautiful Fat Quarters... one in very handy and bold black and white, one in a gorgeous rainbow batik, and one in my favorite, purple. Hiding somewhere in the pile is also a package of sewing machine needles, which I needed badly... seems I am on my LAST one! Oh, and a beautiful quilt notecard with a little note in it. So if you are reading this, STEPHANIE, Thank you! Thank you!

Also I am a day or two behind on the block of the day, because I have been doing yarn and knitting and making stuff for my etsy shops. But today I did a Teacup Full of Flowers applique for Connie Rosolli. Right now the block is the same as on the left... I can't decide whether to leave it that way, or to add buttons... black like in the middle, or yellow-gold like on the left. Any opinions?


Kay said...

Congrats on such your Secret Pal Package! Sounds like she's really secret, lol.

I love the tea cup blocks! I like the black buttons better than the gold because the black really stands out against the flowers and echos the colors of the tea cups. Really a great block choice!

Desiree said...

I like the yellow buttons, which is weird for me.

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Wow! Your secret pal is so very generous!! What a beautiful world. Stephanie, if you're reading, kudos to you!!

Now you have 3 different comments, because I like the teacups without buttons. That says "classic." (But who am I? Haha!)