Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Valentine Ever

Twenty-three years ago today, I gave birth to the Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever. I had been on bedrest for 3 months. I had gone off the medication, and started blowing up like a balloon. Large purple feet, large red hands, fat puffy face. So even though our due date was still 3 weeks away, Richie and I headed for the hospital for a non-stress test, and eventual induction. We were so broke, the business he had been working for had just shut down a week earlier, and we joked on the way there that the only way this baby would be born with even a plastic spoon in its mouth, was if we went through McDonalds and got one to stir coffee with. But we couldn't afford for him to buy a coffee. LoL

Worst labor ever, with the dr. giving orders to try to kill me with Pitocin. But blessedly short... 3 hours, the midwife making it back to my room before the doctor and then there she was, this mewing little China Doll that we named Desiree (french for Desired One). When each of our kids has been born, we have claimed a scripture for them, based on their name or circumstances of their births. .
For Desiree, we claimed, "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the Desires of your heart." And that has been the theme of her life to this day!

As a baby, she had the straightest, messy hair you ever saw. I couldn't KEEP it combed. So when she was 2, I took a trip to Ohio to visit my mom, and we gave her this perm. Since I was in the habit of always putting her into ruffled underpants, my uncle affectionately called her "Frazzle-ray Rufflebuns," a nickname some of which has stuck into adulthood.

By the time she was 12, she was so gorgeous and so sophisticated that people were mistaking her for an adult and often thought my baby Veronica was hers! I had to give guys in stores the Evil Eye more times than you can count! Not only was she beautiful, but intelligent (a genius IQ), kind to her brothers and sisters, and loving of the Lord. What more can a mother ask?

Even when she brings home THIS guy. LOL. She has always been a kind of free spirit (like her mom, maybe?). The first time Tony came late to watch a movie and fell asleep on the sofa, my dh came in our room at 6 in the morning and said, "Nikki, there is a Large, Hairy, Tattooed, Pierced man snoring on our sofa without a shirt on. Is that ok?" LoL!! Despite outward appearances, Tony is a great guy... loves the Lord, adores my daughter, and is a good provider. They seldom fight. And he was willing to wait until marriage for my Christian daughter. How can you say no to a match like that?

And how can a girl like that NOT make a beautiful bride? Des wanted to get married in the Fall, so she could have some of our beautiful Mountain color as a backdrop. They got married in Frozen Head State Park in Wartburg (yes, there really is a Wartburg) TN. It was a gorgeous day, with warm breezes, and falling leaves. Both God and man smiled at this, the most relaxed and fun wedding I have ever been to.

Today, Desiree is a grown woman. She is a wonderful wife, keeps a pleasant home, and is an artist in her own right. You can see her beautiful bags in her Hamncheezr Shop at Etsy and in a little local craft shop in Clinton, TN. She is a talented writer, as shown on her blog. She takes beautiful photographs, knits, spins yarn, is a great cook and makes gorgeous quilts. She loves the Lord like I have rarely seen. And she has given us TWO cute, smart, and happy grandchildren.

The day she was born, I didn't get a box of chocolates. And I love all my children, without a favorite (unless one of them asks, and then of course THAT one is the favorite, LoL!) But I think I have never had a Valentine's gift as good, or as great a blessing, as Desiree. I love you, Des!


Desiree said...

Aww, thanks. LoL! Tony loved the pic that you showed of him.

When I chose "RUffleBuns" for my e-mail address I didn't realize that I would have to give it --and EXPLAIN about it-- to the world, my MIL, my insurence agent and the local realtor. Sigh. Oh well, LOL!

my7kids said...

It was worth it, LoL.

OF COURSE Tony loved that pic. Tony LOVES Tony. (and you, LoL!)


Desiree said...

Tony said, "Wow, I'm a big guy." I said, "I know..." and he grinned that full-of-himself-you-know-what-eating grin of his. LOL! I love him so much...

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Such an amazing story. I think it is great to share things about our children! I know my mothers day this year will be very special- as my daughters birthday falls on it this year. I cant wait to share the day with her.

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

What a beautiful tribute you've paid to Desiree! Isn't it amazing that when we have nothing (not even a plastic spoon) the Lord provides? He kept the plastic spoon and gave you one of His finest jewels!! With each child, He had adorned you. You may have quite a lovely crown in heaven. May He continue to bless you.
Warmest wishes,

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

BTW I just love your Blog so I am passing an award (blog love) I received today onto you. Come by and pick it up if you would like to.
You just always make me laugh somehow.