Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Des Has Giveaway!

Today I got only ONE other new yarn up.... it is called Wearing the Green. It is a semi-bulky wool blend yarn in shades from deep lime to teal. It is available through my My7kids Etsy shop.

We did a bunch of stuff around the house today. I packaged up a bunch of orders to mail, and Richard and the kids used an old countertop to build a shelf in the shed so we can start moving boxes off the back porch into the shed for storage. In the late afternoon, we left to go to Des' house for the evening.

I called her to tell her I brought stuff to make burritos, and she said, isn't that funny, I have chicken and onions in the crock pot to make chicken enchiladas. LoL. Of course we are nothing alike. We ended up eating the chicken the same as the meat, because it was quite warm in the house and she didn't want to run the oven and make it hotter. But around 9 we did run the oven, because I made a double batch of brownies. We have about a dozen left, and left her around the same amount. Breakfast, eh.

Richie and Josiah went off to the local Big Lots to explore, since we don't have one of those in our town. Diantha and Des and I got our quilt blocks of the day done. Diantha's is the blue, green, and black. Notice her stripes all run the same way. Pays to have a mom who not only quilts, but is a good planner.

I cheated by leaving out one set of HSTs in the middle of my block.
I got to feeling terrible at Des' house, like I have a low-grade fever. So Richie drove us home and I wrote my blog on the laptop while we drove. Just had to paste it in the editor when we got home and TADA! Instant blog.

Des has a giveaway going on her blog. First go to her Hamncheezr Shop at Etsy. Then click the link over there on the left (called Bad Lula Awesome Potholder Giveaway) under More Interesting Stuff to go register to win! Be sure to tell her your favorite item from her shop, leave her your email addy and recommend a book to her as part of your registration! Good luck!

Two little notes on yesterday. No, I didn't get whistled at. Musta been the big poofy windbreaker. And, in the summer when the biker-chick is wearing shorts, and has legs like Tina Turner, an even dozen more guys will stop to offer help. LoL. Rock on.


Desiree said...

Jeremiah and I ate half the brownies you left as a nighttime snack. Have to think of something else for breakfast, LOL!

Desiree said...

Is it too early to wear green to avoid being pinched for St Patty's day?