Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Did The Dew

Yesterday I didn't post a block. I did one though! This is called a Churn Dash. It has nothing to do with Joe Morelli's character, but it was the block of the day. So, this is my way of saying, "Here." LoL.

A random thought. Is my husband the only man in America who thinks flannel is an aphrodisiac? I could put on a silky, lacy thong and bustier and he would just giggle... he calls them "funny underwear." But put on flannel pajamas, and it is like The Great Mating Call of The Moose. What's up with that? And here's the clincher: I hate flannel pajamas. Can't stand the way they roll up around my knees when I sleep. LoL. That wasn't important to anything else in my day but it just popped into my head.

There is a paint-it-yourself ceramics place in our local mall called Liza Moz'. They have cleaned and fired bisque pieces on the shelves, each with a price on the bottom. There aren't a billion items to choose from, but a good imagination can turn a plain plate into a "My Special Day" celebration plate for a lifetime. So who needs fancy, right? I think the prices are a little steep ($30 for a 12" cake plate, $12 for a switchplate, $14 for a small heart trinket box) but for that money, they have already cleaned and fired the piece once. They let you choose up to 7 colors of glaze and take your good ol' time painting. Then they fire your piece, glaze it for you, and fire it again, and you pick it up in a week. So, you're getting some services that aren't apparent at first, a fun time, and a one-of-a-kind piece of your very own durable art.

We bought a couple of the kids $20 gift cards for Christmas. My daughter bought one other of the kids one, plus my niece and her own son. So today we all got together at went ceramic-ing. Here are a bunch of pictures. Let's see if I can describe who is whom.

Diantha has brown hair, a lavender and hearts hoodie, and is painting about the biggest mug I ever saw. She said she needs it to put her morning cereal or her nighttime snack ice cream in. LoL. Veronica has light brown hair, wears pink and is painting a trophy. She won 1st place in the 4-H baking contest and then again in the public speaking for her age in the local group. So she marked her achievements today by painting a very yellow lovingcup for herself.

Josiah never took off his down jacket the whole time he painted, and painted, and painted a skateboard. My niece Dana has a pageboy bob and red shirt, and her dad (my brother-in-law) helped her paint a little bitty unicorn.

Desiree made a tile to use as a spoon rest... and she says when she and Tony buy a house, they can tile the backsplash behind the stove and set her tile in it. Very creative. She did cherries with a bright yellow and black checkerboard border.

Jeremiah, shown here with curly light brown hair, painted a race car. My youngest, Betsy, painted a tile, and some brown napkins, a little bit of the table, and some of her shirt. I made a travel mug for my dh. SHHH! It's a surprise! I did the top of it like a chocolate chip cookie (his favorite!)... the center band and handle will be deep gold with little speckles of color, and the bottom will be a deep-gold-on-tan plaid with lines of brown, green, and red. My dh wears flannel shirts for a good 7 months of the year, so the kids thought that was perfect.

Artemas wanted to do a mug too. So I let him get one, even though he didn't have a gift card. Then he decided he wanted it painted to match a Mountain Dew can. He wanted "me" to do it because he said "he has no creativity." Truth is, he is probably lazy. LoL! But he did help keep an eye on the kids when they finished painting and got restless. The shop has a corner for them with beanbag chairs and a VCR but he made sure they didn't run around and break things. Here is his mug... can't wait to see it finished.

After 3 hours at the mall with Des, Tony, their babies, and 5 of my own kids, I was ready to go home. Only had to drive I-40 through a major city at 6 PM on a Friday... and then visit our local Megamart AFTER 6 PM on a payday, when it is the only store in town. What a mess... couldn't stir people with a stick! But I got some good deals on shirts for the girls ($3 each!) and an It's Happy Bunny hoodie and a Snoopy hoodie for only $5 each.

Tonight I got my block for the day done. I cannot seem to make these pictures look perfectly square, even though I have laid the block down and trimmed it square with a ruler. [sigh] Anyway this block is called Card Trick. I have seen whole quilts made with this block, but count me OUT. I hate this block! Now that I have crossed it off my quilting to-do list, I hope I never have to make another one.

5 comments: said...

As usual your blocks are beautiful. Looks like it was a fun time painting your goods! Can't wait to see how it all turned out! God Bless huggs Marion

Lee Purdum Lehman said...

Good morning! I did the ceramics thing once too. I made a "Pupcorn" bowl. I always share my popcorn with the dogs. Stupid, but fun. I LOVE your card trick block! I'm sorry you don't like the pattern. It's an optical illusion, and you chose great fabrics for it! BTW, it looks square to me. You did good. Blessings, Lee

Desiree said...

I love that you described everything Betsy paint, LOL! I haven't made my card trick block yet. I am a couple days behind but slowely catching up!

Also, the dude at Liz Moz' said that ALL the items are microwavable AND dishwasher safe, so it's not too awful bad of a deal. I'd like to go back and paint a couple tiles again sometime--at $5 a piece that's not to extreme for some personalized kitchen tiles.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

It looks like you had a great time. If anything it will be a memory for most of them, and always nice to have photos. We love painting wood around here- funny as I like natural looking wood but the kids love everything to have color so...We might try the ceramics at Christmas, would be neat to have something for the tree. I think the Mountain Dew cup is pretty cool.

jill jill bo bill said...

What a great idea! The top of your kids' heads are so beautiful! I am going to find me a cool mall that does that ceramic stuff.