Sunday, February 8, 2009

Train Wreck Italian Transvestite Art Yarn and Random Thoughts

So here are a bunch of random bits I have put together today. One is this pic of Beverly. Is this the happiest lookin' kid you've seen in a long time or what? LoL!

Today it was like 65 degrees F. This past Monday we had a sudden snow storm, and by Wednesday it was still only 21 degrees for the high for the day. By Saturday it was 63 and today, 65. Suddenly Spring! I got out the Old Suzuki today and took a ride. Actually I took several rides, because my kids are as eager to get on the bike as I am. So I took Diantha for a ride, then Veronica for a ride, the Josiah for a ride. I took him over to Home Depot, where Richard works, so his dad could see him being the little macho guy out for a ride. Richard was just going to lunch, so we hung out with him a while, and then rode back home. Betsy kept insisting it was her turn, but unfortunately, she is too little. Have to be 5 or have their feet rest on the pegs... she has a while to wait!

The block for today was too complex. So I decided to make it in a bigger size, for another quilt than the series of blocks I am working on presently. Ok... the black fabric I bought online, that was supposed to be a hand dyed, is so dark, it is just black. In order to further complicate my life, I took a piece of black fabric, sprayed it with a bleach solution and immediately dipped it in vinegar water to stop the alkaline action of the bleach. Looked like hardly anything until I ironed it dry, then this is what I got.

So then I looked at the block, and decided that the diagonal line of squares would be WAY too plain with the rest of the block having all those little bitty triangles. So I made them be squares-in-squares. And this is the result! The calendar says it is Birds in The Air, but I am calling it Firing Range because all those little high-contrast pieces remind me of targets.

And when did I become the Bad Quilter? I have been quilting almost 25 years and own quilts that I just basically threw together, that the points all match. This block, I squared up the little bitty triangle units. Then I put the black side triangles on them and squared the right angle and trimmed the diagonal. Then I added the tan triangle and squared the unit up again. Put the block together, and darned if every unit doesn't have a triangle point chopped off. ~~ fuming ~~

I also started spinning a yarn this evening from this batt I bought from extremespinning at Etsy. It is both wonderful and horrible... or wonderfully horrible. Like a train wreck, you don't want to see anything gross but you can't help looking. It really is like spinning with some beautiful, soft Merino and someone's chest hair. LOL!! My daughter says I should put it up in my shop as Train Wreck Italian Transvestite Chest Hair Handspun Art Yarn and see if it sells. ROFLOL!!


Desiree said...

It was today's block! It was cursed! Horrid! Difficult! I screwed mine up ntirely, twice. But I still posted a pic on my blog, LOL said...

awww I love the block but then im just learning myself so what would I know. What a doll Beverly is and yes she looks delighted. Boy some days I wish I had a bit of her joy! The yarn looks to have guard hairs? What kind of fiber is it? Is it soft? Huggs Marion

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Maybe do a series of Stephanie Plum yarns- I bet they would sell. LOL. I am sure you will figure something out. Always better to look at it another day.