Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Useless Factoids about Motorcycling

If you want to see today's block or hear about yarn, scroll down or just unfocus your eyes for like 3 paragraphs. LoL.

I woke up today with a headache that would bring a strong man to his knees. I mean. like my eyes were tearing. I haven't passed that kidney stone from about 10 days ago yet, so there ya have it. About 11 I took some aspirin, 2:30 some extra-strength tylenol-type stuff, and 4 o'clock some Excedrin migraine. Plus in the latter time frame, I got to spend about an hour or so of time on the bike. I actually started to feel like I wouldn't like to die, which I think had more to do with the ride than the pharmaceuticals, since it was a balmyand sunny Spring-like 72 degrees today.

With a tiny little curtsy to the vegans out there, I have to say this:
There's Nothing like Leather
For Beating the Weather.
(Oh, Thank God! My parents were always worried I wouldn't make anything of myself, but in one epiphany, it is apparent what I've become: a Poet!) Vinyl will keep the wind out better than denim, but will stay icy cold in winter, and in summer, is like wearing a plastic bag. Leather will take on your body temp and keep you WARM when it is cold out, and will breathe in hot weather. And if theoretically:
You should have to Ride in the Rain
Or Through a Broken Water Main
(more Poetry! What's up with that?) Like we did today, your socks, legs, and undies will stay nice and tidily dry under leather boots and pants. And to be fair, these poor little beefies didn't die in vain. Not only am I wearing their skins, but I have eaten more than my share of pretty fair steaks in my lifetime. Waste not, want not.

Another theoretical situation which gives us a learning opportunity to study Sociology: should one get a mile and a half from home and run out of gas, and have one's Reserve tank not pick up (which we ALL know would NEVER happen to ME... I am FAR too experienced a cyclist, LoL), and have to wait, and wait, and wait for one's sons to go get gas and bring it... which group(s) of people will stop to see if you need help?
  • A) Bikers, of any gender
  • B) Women
  • C) Men
  • D) Men with their wives in the car
  • E) Men with their kid(s) in the car
  • F) People in very expensive cars, whatever their gender
    And the answers are... (drumroll please)... Groups A, C, and E.

    Here is another little sociological study: Match the times below with the activities in the cars passing by a stranded motorcyclist on a busy road:

  • A) Food in their hands or laps
  • B) Kid(s) in the car
  • C) Cell phone to their ears

  • 1) 4:30 PM
  • 2) 5:00 to 6:00 PM
  • 3) 6:00 PM
  • And the answers are: (oh what the heck, this time let's have a Trumpet Fanfare!) A-3, B-1, C-2

  • On the left you see the block for the day, as made by Diantha. Mine is on the right. I tweaked mine by turning the outermost HST all around the block, and reversing the order of the light and dark around the outsides of the block. Amazing how different the effect is. I like it this way. LoL. Since Joe Morelli is a vice cop, I thought the fabric with the cards and dice was an appropriate touch.

    Because I spent an hour on the side of the road this evening, leaning against the seat of my motorcycle and enjoying the Spring breezes, I got ONE yarn done today. ONE. YARN. DONE. Here it is. I will re-skein it in the morning for a more balanced pic of the colors. I think I will call it St. Patrick Rebukes The Snakes.

    And, I got this gauntlet ready to list in my HeartFeltFun shop. I have 2 of them but am making them available separately. Too cool.


    Desiree said...

    You freaking run out of gas everywhere. All the time. Don't you know it's bad for the engine? You don't get a prize for most-times-run-out-of-gas you know. But on the side of the road in leather I bet you got whistled at. Oh well, while you were stranded I was eating fritos off the seat of my car like a crack head. G'night said...

    LOL I think you were born in leather and they should bury you in it too!!! Maybe with a steak ? lmao I adore your quilt block! Wow you changed it beautifuly! As for the yarn its beautiful!!! Great job! You are so so talented!!! Huggs God Bless Marion